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Lower Costs – Increase Productivity
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Colorado Sustainability Consultants (CSC)

solutions-oriented business consulting for the cannabis industry


Colorado Sustainability Consultants (CSC) is the first efficiency-oriented consulting firm serving cannabis businesses on a national scale. 

We assist entrepreneurs who wish to transition from old business models into 21st century operational settings.  

Our client base is drawn from industry leaders and investors that demand top-level facilities and business operations. CSC has assembled a team of experts in the fields of law, finance, facility design, and operational management

A Partnership with CSC will ensure licensing, attract capital investment, and efficiently launch operations. Build your business to successfully carve out market share in your local market.


Identify new and existing market advantages to obtain licenses that match the core competencies of the client’s business.


Operational optimization strategies that increase yield, security and quality.

Capital Investment

Assistance in business structuring and development, increasing attention from investors.


Compliance consulting, from design to startup through seed-to-sale operations.

Energy Efficiency

Design and improvement of HVAC, electrical, security, and software systems. 


Earn More – Keep More

Colorado Sustainability Consultants brings economies of scale and operational efficiencies to new and established clients in the cannabis industry, commercial real estate owners, and investors. 

As the cannabis industry matures from outdated and inefficient systems, both on a business and operational side, our goal is to bring clients “out of the basement and into the 21st century,” with a major focus on organizational, energy, and systems efficiencies. 

CSC, through its partnerships with finance professionals, will assist clients to diversify production and manufacturing operations to ensure a comprehensive tax strategy on both state and federal levels.

Access to capital for real estate purchases and improvements through our network of private equity.

Assist client in securing new market segments and expand by offering the following:

  • Create a viable, sustainable, and transparent business strategy that provides overwhelming evidence of the benefits to the registered patients in new states.
  • Design and build a cultivation and extraction facility that exceeds the sustainability and environmental policies set forth in new state markets.
  • Establish clients as the leading research, extraction, and delivery experts in cannabis-related products and services.
  • Assist with securing town zoning research and compliance.
  • Assist with securing new landlord-tenant lease agreements.
  • Set up and design secure accounting, patient, sales and cultivation record keeping systems.
  • Advise on design of state-of-the-art, zero-net waste, closed loop energy efficient cultivation and extraction facility.
  • Design patient education plans.
  • Design philanthropic program and mission.


Lower Costs – Increased Productivity

CSC experts can design and implement overarching business structure, operation, and growth plans. Workflow efficiency, labor reduction through automation, and advanced data collection will improve operations by orders of magnitude. CSC provides the framework to help cannabis businesses thrive in competitive marketplaces through increased profitability in the following areas that can increase your bottom line by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Compliance & Reporting
Automation of Staff Expertise
Cultivation Yields and Consistency
Extraction Yields and Consistently
Inventory Management
Update Equipment
Lab Testing and Reporting
Labeling and Packaging
Security and Diversion


Use Less – Waste Less – Spend Less

CSC develops, installs and maintains energy systems that reduce utilities expanses. From facility design to equipment sourcing to systems automation, CSC can improve the efficiency, workflow, and sanitation of facilities to ensure consistent, safe, and reliable production. CSC can reduce your energy usage up to 40% by accomplishing the following:

Energy consumption is the major efficiency concern with cannabis cultivation. CSC utilizes a number of energy reduction strategies to reduce overall load and power use.

Water consumption is another large efficiency concern with cannabis cultivation, and the water intensive cultivation process is part of the reason that the industry has difficulty operating in some jurisdictions. CSC will utilize a number of water reduction strategies to reduce overall use.

CSC experts will build or upgrade your facility to integrate natural systems, systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, and to conserve and resuse resources. The return on investment for systems improvement is not only good for the earth and local communities, but for your-bottom line.

The philosophy of ZNW revolves around viewing the entire life cycle of products that are traditionally utilized one time before disposal. Life-cycle analysis is familiar to the medical cannabis industry, as the ‘seed-to-sale’ concept governs best practices on a national level. As an integral part of life cycle analysis and data collection towards reduction of waste streams, all waste may be tracked in accordance with inventory management systems and local regulations.

About Us

Our Experts Help Your Business Grow

Conor Filter
Owner, General Counsel

Conor is a graduate of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, with a focus in environmental and corporate law. As an attorney, he specializes in transactional law, specifically the startup business cycle, from formation to sale. He works with multiple cannabis businesses on licensing, regulatory compliance, and transactional law. Conor is also a LEED Green Associate in energy efficient building design, has been a consultant with the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office, and has worked as a zero net waste consultant. Mr. Filter has led and managed multiple project teams in competitive license applications, including as a subject matter expert, systems design analyst, and legal review of content.


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